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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kingdom The Clans

DOWNLOAD Demo with a placeholder charsets and busts (7/10/2013).


Clan Members
Clan members often get contracted by the king or other people for a right price. It can range from simple delivery quests to waging a war. When not dealing with other clan members, their position is that of just below the king which makes most relatively still new clan members rather arrogant at times.

Clan Collar
Clan members wear their respective clans collars as a proof they belong to their clans. Clan collars are magically sealed to prevent spies and defections.

Spell Pistol
Magic users can use these things to amplify their magic further. These things were popularized by Technomages who likes to mix technology with a magic. However places a tremendous strain to its wielder if overused, thus most Magic users who likes to use these things need their mana replenished way more often.

King Steve
A once fair king who ruled well then suddenly a few decades ago became very stinky and villagers who had so much expenses did need to resort to shady deals due higher taxes imposed by the king.

King Steve's Army
His army is entrusted to the royal guard. While it is their duty to protect villagers and more, their main duty is to ensure that the clans stay under control.

The Royal Guard
Led by the king’s son called Prince Steven who is often confused with the king due the similar name. The royal guard's main duty is protect the current king and command his armies. These guys are extremely loyal for their king and one of main reasons he is still ruling despite of past decades of heavy mismanagement.

Those who are immortal are referred simply as heretics. It is power bestowed by the demons and thus forbidden. However most would be heretics try to hide the fact.[/spoiler]

What it is?

Kingdom The Clans is first installment in “The Clans” series. It tells story about foolish Okami Hyou, her best friend Kitsune, a bit pyromaniac Mahou and a bookworm Butsu.


On a distant land, far far away...

Okami Hyou decided it would be ideal for her to make contract with the king, to bring her an old artifact which has been rumored to hold an untold power. But deadline was vastly approaching and the king was growing impatient by every passing moment. Then she with Kitsune and Mahou decided that it would be good idea to hire legendary thief called Ghostly Winds. It was rumored that he or she was residing in the nearby INN, which happened to be only INN in the village.

Okami and others entered to that INN and saw a hooded albeit bit short figurine cloaked in a shadows. Okami approached Ghostly Winds and bluntly stated her request to find said artifact even if he or she would need to steal it for them. Ghostly Winds agreed upon and a next day artifact was on their hideout’s doorsteps along with a letter “Better pay as promised or vampires will get you Okami.”

And so foolish Okami forgot to pay and next day they started to deliver the artifact for King Steve. However little did they knew that so called Ghostly Winds was just an impostor who planned to kill them to hide his or her tracks and take the artifact back afterwards.

Ghostly Winds impostor was furious and came up with a new devilish plan. He or she went back to Vampstle Castle and placed a note inside of the same chest where artifact was stolen from. That note would make castle’s owner called Deaux Excimus rather furious and go after Okami and her party.


Okami Hyou

Chi Tsugi clan was not fond of her greedy nature and decided to put her charge of the group of
consisting members from a two other dominant clans so she would see the world and maybe learn to become less greedy.
Her companion consist of a long time friends from the two other clans.


- The gold.
- Shiny Stuff.
- Making a quick buck.


- Deal Breakers.


Yami Tsugi clan has had a long tradition to fight various beasts to obtain an even more power. Yet they
still understand the value of being in the alliance. However Mahou would probably backstab her party if it were means to obtaining
an ultimate power, not that such thing even exists in Krateria.


- Spell Pistols.
- Magical stuff.


- Ghosts.
- Undead.
- Murky places.


Rai Tsugi clan consists some of the best martial artists in Krateria. Kitsune was send off to hone
her skills and someday to challenge her old master. Also she wonders reason of this task, as slaughering countless monsters
is honing her skills well. Basically she doesn't understand her old master's methods very well.


- Being a smartass.
- Being a sarcsatic.
- Making fun of Okami Hyou.


- Fools.
- Chocolate.
- Guys with the god complex.

Vampire Lord

Often takes someone as her nemesis because of wrong reasons which she deludes itself to be right ones. Most of her minions don’t get a second chance if they fail and thus her “trusted” Vampires often hide their failures from her. Should someone admit their mistakes she sees as a weakness and then she uses Dark Edge on them. On that note, it is her favorite sword too.[/spoiler]


Synthesize your items from a crafting materials you can obtain from defeating a various enemies.
Good battle system.
A day and Night Cycles.
A more realistic lightning.
Fill-in narration.


Storyline, Eventing, Mapping, etc - Clord.

Early Beta Testing done by Blood-Fury.
Tilesets and additional work by Seraphim Creations (Lato).
Music by Jonnie19.

This game uses the following scripts.

Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy Levels v1.02
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Shop Options v1.01
Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Engine Add-On: Enemy HP Bars v1.10
Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy Target Info v1.02
Yanfly Engine Ace - Skill Cost Manager v1.02
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Equip Engine v1.06
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Status Menu v1.01
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Menu Engine v1.07
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Item Menu v1.02
Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options v1.00
Yanfly Engine Ace - Command Window Icons v1.00
CSCA Encyclopedia by Casper667
CSCA Menu Organizer by Casper667
NeoFace System v.2.0 [RMVXA Script] by Woratana
Basic Game Time + Night/Day
Scene Themes + Direct Message Window Skin Specification (Message Skins) by Aarowaim
[ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects by Khas Arcthunder
Multiple Inventories by Fomar0153

Thanks to Erangot for Character Machine.

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